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Client Reviews

​An Outstanding Lawyer!

Posted by Tom C.
          I don't have enough words to describe how amazing my experience with Paul Mattern was. His professionalism, humanity and understanding was beyond what I could ever hope for.  He did an amazing job and I was always kept well informed with every step of the process. He always handled himself in a very a professional manner and resolved my complex problem with incredible ease. I highly recommend Paul Mattern for any criminal matter.
          I would like to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude for the outstanding work that he has done. He is a tremendous lawyer and a wonderful person.

Excellent Criminal Rule 32 PCR Lawyer!!!
Posted by John P.

          I was released from prison two years and six months early because of Mr. Mattern. After a probation violation I was serving a 10 year sentence. I began my prison sentence in the Arizona Department of Corrections in August 2007. The following month, I filed a Rule 32 for Post Conviction Relief and Mr. Mattern took over my case. 
          Mr. Mattern obtained an expert and litigated my Rule 32 petition. He filed pleadings in Superior Court and also the Court of Appeals. All of Mr. Mattern's diligence and commitment was the basis for the court ordering my immediate release from incarceration in June of 2014. 
          If it weren't for Mr. Mattern's devotion, expertise, and experience I feel I would still be in prison for another two and a half years. Mostly, he was caring, helpful and treated me so well. I recommend Paul to anyone in a criminal matter.

Best Criminal Lawyer!!!

Posted by James C.
          Paul Mattern handled my criminal felony case and got the result I needed. He handled my case himself and never had an associate show up. He is an awesome lawyer.

Aggressive, Knowledgeable and Extremely Caring

Karen H.
          I recommend Paul Mattern to anyone. He was aggressive and protected my rights, but also helped me by being supportive of me and caring of my needs.
          He handled my case perfectly, and I avoided prison, jail and avoided having a felony conviction on my record. However, his emotional support was unbelievable. I absolutely recommend him to anyone who needs a criminal lawyer.

My case was dismissed!

Jose R.

           Paul Mattern represented me in my criminal assault case. He prepared the case for trial, and on the day of trial the prosecutor dismissed all charges. He was compassionate, aggressive but warm and caring to me. I recommend him to everyone who needs a criminal lawyer!

Excellent and Professional!
Rachel M.

         ​Paul's professionalism, representation, and confidence was incredible. He did an amazing job and always kept me informed.

Nothing but Good...

Aaron G.

​         I have nothing but good things to say about Paul J. Mattern, Attorney at Law

Outstanding Lawyer!

Eric R.

         Outstanding Lawyer with a wealth of experience. I have relied on Paul Mattern many times and he has always been knowledgeable, professional, and reliable. One of the best lawyers in the valley!

​Paul J. Mattern's experience ranges from simple traffic matters to complex homicides where the death penalty was sought.  He has over two decades of experience protecting people's rights as a criminal trial lawyer and a criminal appellate attorney.  Additionally, he has proudly served as a Judge Pro Tem in four jurisdictions, including Maricopa County Superior Court and Phoenix Municipal Court.

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