You cannot be safe from COV-19 when you are jailed.  Mr. Mattern is working with other attorneys in the field to litigate this issue and protect people who have fallen into the justice system and could receive a potential death sentence for minor crimes.  Email personally and immediately to discuss possible options that you may have.  Fees for any legal litigation related to this issue is being provided at a discounted rate by Mr. Mattern.



Due to the onset of the Corona Virus (COV-19) people are serving jail sentences for non-violent offenses, including personal use of drugs.  For example, this means that some people are serving jail sentences for the repeated use of marijuana.  These people are being housed in over-crowded jails in which the Maricopa County Jail system is not prepared to handle.  As of the posting of this page, March 29, 2020, people convicted of minor offenses and expecting to be allowed work release or work furlough are being denied release, loosing their employment, and with that, potentially loosing any housing they have for themselves and their families.

Paul Mattern is filing pleadings in numerous cases challenging prior sentences and seeking early release to an alternative form of incarceration such as home detention with GPS monitoring.  

It is arguable that locking someone up and subjecting them to being housed in small, overcrowded cells where statistically, it is certain that other inmates have COV-19, constitutes Cruel and Unusual Punishment in Violation of the Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution.  Please contact Mr. Mattern at personally if this applies to you.

We can release personal drug users early when they pose no risk to others, or impose punitive measures which not only pose a risk to themselves, but a risk to the general public.  There can be no rational argument that we should allow our jail system to be an incubator for the COV-19 virus, and upon release, also pose a threat to others.

This is a temporary web-page, and hopefully this page will be short-lived.  However, this is not likely.  If you or a loved one is facing jail or prison for a non-violent offense, please contact Mr. Mattern personally.  Further, even if you or a loved one is facing prison time for a violent offense, it is arguable that the sentences imposed are more harsh just based on the fact that citizens are being housed in uncontrolled COV-19 incubator environments.

This page will be updated.  Posted 3/29/20.

Paul Mattern, Attorney